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Immersive meditation on Apple Vision Pro

Find a moment of calm reflection.

Transport yourself to truly unique locations.

Take a moment to breathe with the forest.

Spatial Video, shot in the PNW

In this first installment of Vibescape, explore a series of vignettes filmed on location in the Willamette Valley.

Hypnotic ripples form in pools of water in a 19th century quarry, massive Douglas Fir trees sway in a winter storm. Falling snow and ice give ASMR vibes to these dramatic yet meditative scenes.

No time like the present

Create custom timed meditations in a series of immersive spaces, free from outside distractions. Choose an ambient sound track, or silence. Meditate in a rock room, above a cloud forest, or in an expansive void.

Vibescape version 1 is available exclusively on Apple Vision Pro.

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