The simplest way to create with AI.

Sketch and see your scribbles transform into stunning AI imagery.

Craft the perfect prompt to control styles and details.

An imaginative tool for any skill level.

* Requires in-app purchase of tokens for use

A human touch.

As familiar as a box of crayons, SageBrush gives you control over your composition, making you a partner in the process.

Hello, wordsmith.

Clear and concise, or vividly verbose – the prompt editor lets you guide the AI with subject and style details. Crank up the prompt strength and watch the AI's imagination run wild.

Dial in the details

Control how much the image should look like your drawing vs the prompt, see different interpretations by randomizing the seed, and experiment with different quality levels to find the right balance of vibe & details.

Canvas Layout

Supports both left and right-handed drawing modes

Natural Input

Draw with Apple Pencil or even your fingers!


Shake up the AI interpretation of your drawing

Light & Dark Modes

Draw at any time of day – or night

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* Requires in-app purchase of tokens for use